Change your mind, change your life

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a cutting edge contemporary therapeutic approach. Dynamic, personalised and tailored to your needs; if you choose to work with me we can make effective changes in around 6 sessions.

Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I passionately believe that we all can have the life we want, it’s just that most people do not  realise that it is possible. We can feel happy and fulfilled, confident and in control. We can have happy relationships and successful careers. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a effective model for helping people make the changes they want, to change their perspective or get rid of life limiting beliefs and move from the negative to the positive. These changes can happen over a  short period of time and the affects can be amazing whether it’s losing a fear or phobia that restricts your life or finding the confidence in you that helps you move forward in a relationship or your working life.

It is important to know that the hypnotherapy part of this powerful therapy approach is just one tool in the tool box. I use the best techniques from other proven therapeutic models to facilitate fundamental change also.

Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy is successful for so many people

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not the same as clinical or traditional hypnotherapy. Clinical and traditional hypnotherapy focuses on the problem rather than how the individual ‘does the problem’  which means the issue is treated the same way for everyone. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a dynamic solution focused therapy. We recognise that everyone is different, everyone sees the world differently and therefore we treat everyone differently. I can see 4 clients with the same presenting issue in any one week however every client’s treatment will be unique. I tailor the treatment to fit the client, this way the treatment proves to be quicker, successful and empowering.

Free relaxation MP3

If you  have trouble sleeping, download this free relaxation MP3; listen to it as you settle down for a night’s sleep, just relax, follow my words and drift off to sleep


Fears & Phobias

Feeling Stuck



Emotional Well Being

Confidence & Self Esteem


Stress & Pressure

  • Barbara has helped me discover so much about myself and through my sessions with her I've made huge changes in my life that benefit my whole well being and that of my family. It's been a difficult year with lots of health worries but Barbara has helped me get through them and I'm very grateful for her knowledge and support. If, like me, anxiety and depression has always been a part if your life, I can highly recommend seeing Barbara as she's helped me find a way to truly own it and by doing so it doesn't control me anymore! Thank you!

  • "A fantastic service - friendly and professional! I am so happy to have come to you and I am really grateful for everything you have done. It was so great to work with you! I could easily trust you which is something that is naturally difficult for me- I would happily recommend you to someone".

    SB Southsea
  • Barbara really helped with get to grips with the things that weren't feeling so good in my life. She helped me to deal with things in a different, more positive way and to change the way I thought about the things that were happening in my life. I really looked forward to our weekly meetings and felt relaxed and calm in Barbara's company. I feel a lot more positive about my future and Barbara gave me tools to use in the future should I ever need them

  • Friendly and professional service, never felt any pressure and Barbara equipped me with the right tools which I will be able to use for a lifetime in times of need.