People suffering from imposter syndrome have overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, huge self doubt and a nagging belief they are are a fraud and usually are constantly worried they will be exposed as such.

Ironically people suffering from imposter syndrome will often be high achievers as they find themselves taking qualification after qualification in an endeavour to allay the belief and fear.

The people I have worked with have been high ranking officers in our armed forces, medical consultants, anaesthetists, midwives, company directors and head teachers. One of the many behaviours they all had in common is they were workaholics and many were perfectionists too.

The life of someone with imposter syndrome is unsustainable. Often having little time or no time for personal relationships, life is unfulfilling, pressurised and stressful.

It's time to enjoy your achievements, realise your qualities and let go of fear

I help people to change their life, to give a sense of clarity of mind that enables them to create more of the life they want. I have helped scores of people find a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness in life creating positive impact on their work life and home life.

Feeling an imposter has very little to do with the outside world. It has everything to do with the way you interpret the world, your core beliefs and the deep level fears that you hold. Once you begin your journey to make the changes within you will find how very different the world is to the one you have been looking at.

I will guide and support you throughout your journey and help you to understand you, giving you a sense of control and clarity which in turn will support you to make the changes in you. Working with your mind and using the principles of neuroscience we can make positive permanent changes in as little as 6 – 9 sessions as a rule.