Clarity. Connection. Growth. Meaning. Authentic. Belonging.

I help people to discover and awaken their hidden inner strength, resilience and qualities using a range of proven therapeutic approaches, tailored specifically to the individual.

You know how people are often stifled by anxiety, uncertainty or even ill health?  Well, I  help them to be free of crippling feelings, behaviours and deeply held negative beliefs by making permanent changes in the mind so they can live their lives deliberately and successfully.

This way of working brings about permanent change so you are free from unhelpful emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and even physical pain allowing you to unlock your hidden qualities and be the best version of yourself.

Stuck & unfulfilled

feeling stuck

Let me help you to change your life, to give you a sense of clarity and enable you to create more of the life you want.



Freedom from destructive behaviours such as drink, drugs, shopping, gambling, social media and more



Why just manage anger? I’ll help you to make permanent cognitive changes so you don’t feel angry in the first place.



Most therapists will teach you to manage anxiety, I will help you to be rid of anxiety so you can live your life how you want to.



Struggling to sleep? I can help you to achieve relaxing deep sleep night after night so you can enjoy waking refreshed and ready for your day.

Pain and health

Portrait of young woman with toothache

Using the emotional, mental and body connection we can improve or banish many physical symptoms. IBS, migraine, skins disorders and pain for example.



I help men and women to naturally feel less overwhelmed and enable them to live a calmer life and stop over thinking. Working with me will leave you feeling stronger, capable and in control.


Storm sky with lightning and sun on the background of the silhouette of a man. Concept on the theme of the struggle between good and evil or the theme of medicine (migraine and headache pain )

It is absolutely possible to transform a mind that holds unprocessed trauma. I specialise in helping men and women using proven an approach that heals the mind based on neuroscience.

Imposter Syndrome


Success on the outside feeling like a fraud on the inside? I can help you be free of these untrue beliefs. Discover your true self and find that illusive self belief.

Powerful packages

I would love to help you to make the changes you need in order to live your life as you were meant to, happy and fulfilled, confident and in control.

You can have happy relationships and successful careers.

Positive, permanent change can take place in just around 6 to 12 weeks and I offer a choice of 2 package types to help you get to where you want to be. I also offer a free consultation so I can help you decide what’s right for you.

The signature Lite package is for you if:

  • are working within a budget

  • you want to have a ‘taster’ before committing further

  • you have already have begun self development and just need a massive boost to accelerate your growth

  • you want to begin a life changing journey and want to do so in incremental stages

  • you want a short but powerful change for just one small specific area of your life

The signature package is for you if:

  • are ready to make significant changes

  • you want to enjoy life rather than just tolerate it

  • you want self development and to feel excited about life

  • you want to feel fulfilled and satisfied

  • you want to benefit from my support right through your journey of discovery and growth

How it works


I'd love you to work with me

Hi I am Barbara, Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Master NLP, EFT and AMDR practitioner.  I’d be delighted if you choose to work with me. Together we can make changes on such a scale, you’d be amazed how you feel in just a few weeks. My signature packages are a unique and dynamic approach honed from years of training and experience.

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Step 1. Find the page which specifically addresses the issue you want help with.

Step 2. Refer to the package types and the benefits in that page

Step 3. Contact me to book a free, no obligation consultation

Step 4. Talk with me either face to face or via a phone call or a zoom meeting

Step 5. Decide if I am the right person for you to work with

Step 6. Choose your package and book in dates to suit your availability