Help to overcome insomnia

Sleep is essential for good health and any difficulties with sleep can be very debilitating. There can be any number of reasons why we don’t get a good nights sleep. Our modern life can be full of stresses that can sometimes overwhelm. Other times there is a medical reason why sleep is difficult in coming, or it may simply be that bad habits have arisen over time.

A lot of sleeping issues arise because you are not in a deep sleep state, perhaps because your mind cannot switch off from thinking/worrying about things. Cognitive Hypnotherapy and teaching you self hypnosis can help you deepen your sleep and overcome insomnia.

On average I can help you in just four to six sessions to achieve peaceful and satisfying night’s sleep. Call me today 07786314901 to discuss how I can help you.

Gill hadn’t enjoyed a good night’s sleep for over 19 years. After two treatment sessions she started sleeping and peacefully for 7 – 8 hours most nights. A few sessions later Gill reported she was sleeping soundly every night.