You would be amazed at the number of people that have a problem with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence. However, just imagine how it would be to live your life feeling confident in who you are and in your abilities.  Just think of all the things you could achieve if you had that self-esteem and felt as confident as you imagine other people to feel.

Dealing with confidence and self-esteem issues allows you to become the person you want to be. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can guide you towards solutions that will allow you to take control, replacing old negative feelings and patterns of behaviour and taking you towards the new, positive, confident you.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can give you back your control over your habits, your frustrations, and your self-denial  and basically over your life.
Improving your low self-esteem is essential for your self development and to face the challenges in your every day life. For many of you hypnosis for self-esteem building could be a very powerful tool.

You’d be amazed how positive and wonderful you will feel just after four to six hypnotherapy sessions; lifted, glad to be alive and appreciating life. 4 – 6 sessions are often enough to see a  permanent change in you.

Self Recognition/Self Worth

If you find you don’t like yourself or your image or you find yourself trying to take on a challenge to prove something you probably suffer from lack of self belief; an inheritance from childhood. Just a few hypnotherapy sessions will completely change how you feel about yourself.

Self-acceptance, self-love, a positive self-image, the freedom to be ourselves; all these are crucial aspects of self-esteem. Whether seen from the ultimate perspective of spirituality, which exhorts us to be our true self, or from the more modest psychological imperative to develop a positive self-image, the struggle towards self-esteem is every man’s journey.

“Barbara has unearthed what lay hidden away and what was dying to come out – the genuine me. I feel so relieved and free”   GH Southsea