Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you. This could be computer games, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food…the list could go on. There is evidence that states addiction is connected to isolation.
Isolation doesn’t mean being on your own for a while or even a period of time…. Isolation means a feeling of being desperately lonely because there doesn’t seem to be anyone in this world that gets you, understands you. No one seems to appreciate everything or anything you say or try to convey. You can be surrounded by colleagues, friends and family and still at a deeper level be isolated. Some people may have not even recognised they feel isolated, instead suppressing the emotions and reaching for what brings pleasure and takes away pain. 


Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching can be an effective for many different addictions. Some clients want a completely different life and others just want to have choice and control, for others it’s somewhere in between. As long as you are committed to working with me through your journey I can help you to achieve your desired outcome.

This is not a sticking plaster therapy…… many hypnotherapists will help you achieve results in a 3 sessions without knowing you, your history or your problem. I am not prepared to work like that. I believe if you have an addiction which is controlling your life choices and has a negative effect on work, relationships or finances then you deserve to have the support to work through the problem completely so you can live your life how you really want to permanently. Everyone is different so your treatment will not be the same as everyone else’s.


When you commit to working with me you will receive my full support to  help you through your journey. We will work on your limiting beliefs which are fundamentally responsible for your drive away from pain and in search of pleasure. We will work through helping your mind to change patterns of behaviour. We will work to change your core beliefs, ingrain new beliefs, new purpose.

So are you ready to commit? Are you ready for change? If so I can help you.

The support I provide is initially 6 sessions over a 3 month period. The sessions are 90 minutes long. Sometimes you may decide to continue with extra support after 3 months.