Dealing with Stress

Stress is a very common ‘ailment’ in the modern world; nearly everyone is ‘stressed’ or ‘stressed out’ or has had a ‘stressful day’ most weeks. Stress is a by-product of our age old inbuilt in survival kit, our ‘flight or fight instinct’.

A short acute session of stress can be useful, for example helping you through an unexpected challenge or helping you to work  within a tight deadline, chronic stress, however, is extremely detrimental to both emotional and physical health. Long term release of our stress chemicals, cortisol and adrenaline, affect our immune system and causes health issues such as IBS, migraines, high blood pressure, eczema, tinnitus and depression  in addition to weight gain/loss, fatigue and insomnia.

Stress and anxiety is a very subjective experience. What triggers someone to feel stress may not be a problem for another person.   Two people can have the same job role in the same company. One person may feel pressurised by the work, unhappy in his role and alienated from colleagues the other may feel fulfilled and happy in their role. It’s clearly  not the job that is stressful but rather the individual’s perception of the situation.

I help my clients by helping them to identify their core beliefs and discover the stress trigger points and reframe their beliefs leaving the trigger points completely redundant. Our work together means  you can benefit from feeling different about yourself and the environment.

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